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Our Mission Statement

    Southeast Bridge FL Corp. management staff are committed to achieving and maintaining the highest levels of management resources and capabilities, technical expertise, quality control and safety. Our management team and corporate structure is established to provide our employees and customers with quality project executions and a safe working environment. Our technical capabilities are established, maintained and constantly expanding and improving to provide our customers with the best product available. Our employees receive structured on-the job training and classroom training in surface preparation, coating applications, inspection procedures and products utilized. Quality of work is a key factor in our success. We are committed to supplying our employees with the tools, training, managerial, and technical support to achieve and perform a quality job.


    Safety is critical. It is the goal of Southeast Bridge FL Corp. to undertake and complete each contract with a completely incident free record. The responsibility for the attainment of this goal rests with every individual employed by the company. All employees at all times observe and implement safety procedures in accordance with our strict safety policy. Job safety and incident prevention starts from the top levels of management and extends through to every employee working in the field.


    Southeast Bridge FL Corp. is a company specializing in abrasive blasting, lead based coating abatement, and specialty protective coatings. The company is dedicated to the principle that our personnel are our greatest asset. With this in mind, the company shall pursue the highest level of protection for our workers. We shall follow every applicable regulation and exceed these regulations where they are insufficient. This will include state-of-art engineering controls, respiratory protection, and containment systems that have been proven to be effective.


    Southeast Bridge FL Corp. is also dedicated to the protection of the environment. We realize that the next generation will inhabit this earth, as well as future generations, and it is our responsibility to be a custodian for our generation, and the one that preceded us. We shall make a conscious effort to protect waterways, maintain wetlands, and preserve the habitat of all living creatures. This will also include comprehensive programs, field evaluation, and use of state of the art equipment to assure protection.


    The enforcement of this policy shall be the responsibility of management with field enforcement by competent persons. All employees shall be familiar with this policy and use it is as a general guideline for all lead abatement work.

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